Composition and form of diazepam

Diazepam is an active substance that received its name during the formation (synthesis). At the same time, today pharmacological firms include diazepam in a variety of other medicines that are marketed under different trade names. However, their effects remain the same as when using a conventional (original) drug. Diazepam can be produced under the name: Relanium; the religion; seduxen; Valium; diazepec; apaurin; apo-diazepam; diazepabene; diapes; dikam; sibazon; faustan.

Diazepam is an active substance used in the manufacture of various types of medication. Other components that make up the drug are designed to stabilize it, protect it from external factors or improve its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Diazepam is available in the form of: tablets; solution in ampoules; rectal suppositories; microclysters. The tablet of diazepam is round in shape and white in color. There is a risk on one side of the pill. At the same time, it is worth noting that depending on the manufacturer and the trade name, the appearance of the medicament may vary (the tablets may be bluish, pinkish, or other shade). Usually, tablets are produced in special blisters (plates) of 10 pieces each. The package can contain from 1 to 3 – 4 blisters (which also depends on the manufacturer). In addition to the active ingredient, the solution contains 96% alcohol, stabilizers and sterile water for injections (injections). The ampoule is made of dark glass (brown), which protects the drug from direct exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors that could destroy the drug. Ampoules are sold in special cardboard packages (5 or 10 pieces each). On the package, as well as on each ampoule, the name of the preparation, the dose of the active substance, the date of manufacture and the expiration date should be written separately. If at least one of the above parameters is not on the ampoule, it is forbidden to introduce this solution to the patient.

Rectal suppositories of diazepam

The preparation is issued in the form of candles, each of which can contain 5 or 10 mg of active substance. Other components of the preparation are designed to give it the necessary form, as well as to ensure a good absorption of the active substance in the rectum. Candles are produced in special blisters (5 pieces each). The package may contain 1 or 2 blisters. Each tube can contain from 5 to 10 mg of the active substance, as well as other auxiliary components. Each tube is also packaged in a special sealed wrapper that is impervious to sunlight and other external influences. The drug is sold in cardboard packages, each of which can contain 5 or 10 tubes. Instructions for use of diazepam (indications, dosage and methods of administration)
Use diazepam is recommended only for the doctor’s prescription, strictly observing the dosage established by him. Otherwise, the risk of side effects increases. Indications for the appointment of diazepam may be: convulsions; epilepsy; status epilepticus; sleep disorders; anxiety disorders; dysphoria (mood disorders); neuroses; psychoemotional arousal; abstinent alcohol syndrome; Premedication before anesthesia (anesthesia); diseases accompanied by increased muscle tone.