Valium and its main features

People have always been divided into strong-spirited people who know what they want from life, they know how to achieve this and are persistently tolerated by failures and those who do not know how to deal with the vicissitudes of fate. The second category is what most clients supply to psychiatrists. All sorts of depression, causeless fears and anxiety have become so firmly entrenched in modern life that many people do not even notice that they have been mentally ill for many years. But in some cases, the disease takes on such a scale that treatment is required. Valium a preparation not new. For several decades, it has been successfully combating phobias, manias and depressions. It belongs to the group of tranquilizers and is available in the form of tablets and a solution for injections. Valium refers to quite serious drugs that are dispensed from pharmacies strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. For trying to sell a patient a certain amount of a solution of medical representatives deprive them of the right to work in their specialty. So do not try to acquire it illegally. It can end badly for you and for the seller of the drug.

To facilitate the process of falling asleep, the drug is recommended to be given in the form of tablets. This ensures a gradual and moderately pronounced development of the effect, preventing the development of complications associated with rapid (intravenous, intramuscular) administration of the drug. The initial dose of diazepam as a sleeping pill (for adults) is 1 tablet (5 mg) at night (2 hours before the expected bedtime). With an insufficiently expressed effect, a single dose of the drug can be increased to 10 mg. Other indications for prescribing.

Seizures are a pathological condition in which various (or immediately all) muscles of the human body begin to strongly and involuntarily contract. These abbreviations can be repeated many times and are very painful. In addition, because of the pronounced contraction of the respiratory muscles, the breathing process can be disrupted, so that a person can die from lack of oxygen. The reasons for the development of seizures can be many (brain trauma, central nervous system diseases, taking certain medications and toxins, raising the body temperature in children, and so on). At the same time, in most cases, their occurrence is associated with increased activity of brain cells responsible for muscle contraction.

Diazepam with alcohol is not recommended to be combined, and in case of alcohol poisoning this drug is categorically contraindicated. The fact is that alcohol can have different effects on the central nervous system (CNS). At low concentrations in the blood, it stimulates (excites) the central nervous system, while at high concentrations it depresses it. CNS depression during alcohol intoxication can be accompanied by a violation or even loss of consciousness, breathing disorders and so on. When alcohol is taken concomitantly with diazepam, the dose of alcohol required for the development of the above-mentioned adverse reactions is significantly reduced. Consequently, a person becomes drunk more quickly, loses consciousness more quickly, and in severe cases falls into a coma faster, which is a life-threatening condition. That’s why it’s not recommended to combine alcohol with diazepam (especially when administering large doses of the drug).

Patients’ reviews of the drug are mostly positive. Many were satisfied with the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect and its preservation throughout the course of treatment. Also the variety of forms of release of a preparation has deserved approval, that facilitates its use at the most various pathologies and among various groups of patients (at children, older persons, etc.). Particular attention should be paid to the price of the drug, which, according to most patients, is affordable and acceptable.